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MI, IN, OH and WV

Quanex Building Products - From product development and production to marketing and delivery, our window and door expertise will help you identify new product opportunities and develop solutions that are tailored to your specific business and market needs.


Perfect Score Technology - Manufacturers of the Bullet® and Bullet Plus ® CNC Glass Cutting Machines, automatic and semi-automatic free fall loading systems, sealing presses, air-float assembly tables, rotary gunning tables, edge deletion tables, harp racks and other equipment used in the manufacture of insulating glass.

MI, OH, TN, WV, KY, West PA

Delchem, Inc. - Since 1980, Delchem has produced three of the most frequently used insulating glass sealants: D80 Polysulfide, D90 Polyurethane and D100 Got melt Butyl Series . In 1998 Delchem developed D2000 REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl, which introduced a whole new generation of IG Sealants. Delchem D2000 is continuing to set newer and higher standards for IG Sealant performance.
Radisson Industries has been designing and supplying door and window hardware systems for nearly 20 years. With our wide range of customizable products, from door handles to multi-point locks, we have what you're looking for—innovative, top-quality products backed by a solid industry reputation.
  ELECTRONIC FLUOROCARBONS LLC. was founded to supply high purity Fluorocarbons to the Semiconductor and related industries. Primary products are Halocarbon R218 (Octafluoropropane) , Halocarbon C318 (Octafluorocyclobutane), and Halocarbon R23 (Trifluoromethane). Other high purity fluorocarbons are also available.

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Glass Machinery Works, LLC is a multidimensional sales, engineering, manufacturing and service company with employees who have a combined 150 years experience in the fenestration industry.

GMW has the capability to build, rebuild, and service a wide range of machines.

Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd. has been engineering and building machinery and automated systems for the Aluminum and Vinyl Building Products Industry since 1990.

FOREL is the Italian company, world leader in the production of industrial automation for working insulating glass units and flat glass.

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Service Finance Company, LLC is a nationally licensed sales finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender.

We are a primary lender providing installment loan solutions for qualified borrowers with favorable consumer interest rates and extended repayment terms.

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Windowtech Dealer Finance Program
Are you frustrated about getting consumers interested in buying windows and doors only to have the deal die on the vine due to lack of acceptable financing options? Are you tired of working with financing companies that offer unrealistic interest rates and require only the highest credit scores? If so, then . . .

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